Mini Golf IN the Library!

After a week of extreme heat and humidity, today the Library has the windows open and, almost as if on cue, patrons are staying away from the building! Perhaps they’re saving all their energy/library time for tomorrow’s Library Mini Golf event, where folks can come play mini golf for free right in our stacks! Sorry, browsers.

Speaking of which, I should keep this article short as I need to go construct a mini golf hole. See, months ago when I agreed to design one, I figured I would just toss up a few books and bookends and call it a day. In the last few weeks, other library employees have been carting in elaborate, professional-grade, homemade ‘holes’ to put into our stacks and, well, now my idea of ‘tossing up a few books and bookends’ seems to lack a certain luster. 

Will I create a beautiful stop on our course in the stacks? Or will I just use some pool noodles I found in storage and update ‘a few books’ to ‘a few ocean-themed books’ as I just found out it’s supposed to be ‘ocean-themed?’ Find out by attending our event tomorrow (if you’re reading this on our website, bring the family for a FREE round of mini golf in our stacks on Saturday, August 13 from 9 am – 3 pm) or I hope you found out by having attended our event last Saturday (if you’re reading this in the MidYork Weekly)!

Connect with/complain to Travis Olivera at the Hamilton Public Library by phone at (315) 824-3060 or by email at, or in person at the library.

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