Return of the Rink

This week was an exciting one in Hamilton. Well, technically it was ‘exciting’ everywhere, what with a global pandemic and armed insurrection at the Capitol Building. Speaking of which, as I sat and watched the events unfold last Wednesday, I immediately took to the keyboard to write a reactionary column about what I was witnessing, but you never read it because I chose not to submit it. This wasn’t done out of the fear of being too political, just that after two days had passed, all the hot takes I wrote about (okay just one, white privilege), had already been discussed at length in far more appropriate settings than this one. But hey, at least I got my thoughts down on while they were still fresh. If nothing else, the exercise proved therapeutic and helped me process the events in a productive way.

What? Oh right, I was talking about how this was an exciting week. Compared to last week, I mean, anything I say is going to pale in comparison to national news, and is only really exciting to those of us that like the cold weather, but here goes:

The ice skating rink in the Village parking lot is officially open! 

You might be wondering what this has to do with the library, right? Well, the rink is really only fun if you have skates – and we have them for you! For free! Stop in and browse through dozens of skates that you can check out for a week at a time. All you need is your library card. We’ve had these skates circulating for a few years here at the Hamilton Public Library thanks to a slew of private donations from patrons, free sharpening from the fine folks at the SUNY Morrisville IcePlex, and skate guards, bags, and laces purchased by the Friends of the Library. To ensure your safety and cleanliness of our collection, all our skates are wiped down, sanitized, and quarantined upon return. We recently added even more skates to our collection for sizes big and small in Hockey and Figure varieties. 

So stop in while we’re open and see if we have a pair that fits! You never know, you could be the next Michelle Kwan! Until next time, happy reading!

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