Here at the Hamilton Public Library, we develop a specifically curated collection of new materials to suit our community’s needs. These materials include books for patrons of all ages from kids’ picture books to large print, audiobooks, DVDs, and even comic books and video games!

There are many factors involved in how we decide on what titles to add to our ever-growing collection – this can be based on author popularity, current trends, gaps in our collection, and more! Statistics are collected from every item to help us assess each title’s popularity not only while it’s new but throughout its time on our shelves, and all of this information combined helps us make our decisions.

So who is “us?” Our amazing Assistant Director, Liza Taylor, spends hours upon hours poring through book catalogs, reviews, lists, our own statistics, and more to bring you every new book on the shelf, while I merely look at what new DVDs are coming out this week and make a few educated guesses. OK fine I also watch the occasional movie and have a casual interest in film but what I’m trying to say is that while we do the work of ordering here, you may feel excluded from the selection process.

We have always taken suggestions from our community on new titles, but until recently we had no official means to solicit and collect that information from you. Starting last week, we now have an official ‘suggestion box,’ right at the entrance to our building! Here, you can make all the suggestions you want without fear of ‘bothering us,’ and keep these suggestions anonymous or not. It’s up to you! You can request anything, video games, ice skate sizes, books, movies, or not! Of course you can also email us, call us, and shout to us on the street if you prefer. But now that we have this box, it’s probably beneficial to use it.

Thank you for reading, and in advance for the wonderful suggestions you’ll be sending our way!

Connect with/complain to Travis Olivera at the Hamilton Public Library by phone at (315) 824-3060 or by email at, or in person at the library.

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