The Lost Column

Regular readers of this column may have noticed over the last two months that it has not appeared in the MidYork Weekly. Interestingly enough, this is not the result of a lapse in writing by myself, or an error on the part of the MidYork Weekly staff (Mike Jaquays), who have been nothing but amazing in their support of our Library and services. Not to bore you with details, but for some reason, the way in which I was sharing the column with Mike just straight up wasn’t sending anything  at all, a fact that doesn’t surprise me as I experienced a similar software problem with our Board President and Village Treasurer. 

I know Mike’s busy, and he knows the same about me. I assumed he wasn’t following up because he was busy, and I’m pretty sure he thought I wasn’t writing anything for the same reason. He mentioned a few months ago that my columns might not appear in the paper every week, but he would do his best to make sure they go online if they couldn’t fit in print. So this, combined with the files not sending, made for about two months of unpublished material. It’s okay though, about half of them were filler anyway. 

Cut to working a stray Saturday here at the library and a patron mentioned how she ‘missed’ this column. I explained about the potential editorial issues described above, but after discovering they weren’t appearing online either, I reached out to Mike, who confirmed my suspicions. 

Anyway, if you’re doubting my weekly output, I invite you to read through the blog on our website, which is just a copy of this column but, you know, on our website instead. It can be found by visiting If you’re reading this on our blog right now, then this entire column, which we call ‘blog posts’ on here, is completely irrelevant. But since I don’t want you to think I’m not writing them, it’s staying. Tough noogies.

Note: DO NOT share a Google Doc via the ‘Email This File’ option through the ‘File’ menu. Just because it’s working today doesn’t mean it will be working tomorrow! Download to your desktop then send as an email attachment, folks!

Thank you for reading, sorry about the delay, and get vaccinated!

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