The Month of Many Names

Sure, April is National Library Month, but to us, being a library means collaborating with patrons and organizations for the betterment of the community. So sure, come get a library card (even though National Library Card Sign-Up Month is in September) and all that, but the focus of this column is about another “Month” in April – Alcohol Awareness Month.

This year, the Library is partnering with the Hamilton Area Community Coalition (HACC) to hold silly story contests and a poster design contest for kids ages 5-18!

For kids in Kindergarten to sixth grade, stop by and pick up a MadLib story at the library and create your best silly story! Then bring it back to the library by April 23rd. We’ll hold a village-wide vote to determine the best story, with the winners getting awesome prizes from the HACC! There will be two separate stories available, with one geared toward K-2, and another geared toward grades 3-6.

For those students in grades 7-12, pick up a blank poster here at the library and design your own poster, talking about the importance of being aware of the dangers of alcohol and other substances. Then, return your completed poster to the library by April 23 and, like above, we’ll hold a village-wide vote on the most creative poster. Prizes will also be awarded to this contest as well!

If we get a lot of submissions, we’ll handle preliminary judging and have y’all vote on the top 5 or 10 in each category. Posters and MadLibs are available now, so stop in and pick one up – or tell your kids or grandkids to pick one up, as long as they like prizes!

Oh, and speaking of prizes, don’t forget there’s still plenty of time to enter to win the basket raffled off currently by the Friends of the Library. To enter, just stop in the library and get a ticket! They cost $1 each, 6 for $5, and 15 for $10. 

Thank you for reading and keep your masks on!

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