Two Fundraisers Back by Popular Demand!

The Friends of the Library are at it again! You may remember them from such things as: purchasing snacks for events, sharpening ice skates, and providing our museum passes, to name a few. In order to give us such amazing additional funding outside of our budget, they often need to fundraise. And sometimes, like the one I’m about to tell you about, these fundraisers are straight-up delicious!

Once again, the Friends of the Hamilton Public Library are partnering with Gilligan’s Ice Cream in Sherburne for dinner! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 6th from 4 – 8 p.m., and grab a cone, a burger, a milkshake – whatever (root beer) floats your boat – because Gilligan’s is donating a percentage of the profits from those four hours directly to the Friends! Last year, through this very fundraiser, the Friends were able to raise more than $450! Let’s get to Gilligan’s and break that record!

In other Friendly news, the Book Nook has returned! Anyone who’s walked into our building from the Broad Street entrance has noticed some beautiful new shelving added, this is to increase YOUR book sale room significantly! Where we were using piecemeal shelving composed of old magazine holders tipped sideways, now there are gorgeous hardwood shelves lining the walls, and filled with books to purchase! All profits from the Book Nook will go directly to the Friends of the Library. 

Prices of these used books are currently $1 for hardcover books, DVDs, and CDs; $0.50 for paperbacks and kids books. So now that the Book Nook is up and running, is the library accepting used book donations? NO! Please continue to hold on to your used books because as it stands, we still don’t have a ton of storage available. If we ever want them, we will definitely let you know!

Thank you for reading, thanks to the Friends for their awesome fundraisers to support us, and thank you for continuing to wear a mask while you’re in the building.

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