A Storybook Walk in the Village of Hamilton

Submitted by Stephanie Henry of the Madison County Rural Health Council

On Saturday, October 3rd from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, a Storybook Walk, featuring the Caldecott Award winning book “A Tree is Nice” by Janice May Udry with beautiful watercolor illustrations by Marc Simont, will be available for community members to enjoy. The story begins and ends in front of the Hamilton Public Library (13 Broad Street, Hamilton, NY) on the “Monday Mile” walking route. 

In 2016, in an effort to increase opportunities for physical activity and reduce preventable chronic diseases in Madison County, the Madison County Rural Health Council partnered with the Syracuse University Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion and their “Healthy Mondays” Initiative to start the “Monday Mile” program in Madison County. Since then, we have developed 13 outdoor and 3 indoor marked one-mile walking routes to encourage residents to walk a mile for their health not just on Mondays, but any day!  This is our 3rd Storybook Walk in Madison County and we are excited to offer this fun, active and unique opportunity in Hamilton!

We were able to accomplish this Storybook Walk thanks to the support and dedication of Travis Olivera, Director, and Diana Cassulis, Events Coordinator from the Hamilton Public Library, and Mary Kate Schutt, Program Coordinator from Syracuse University Lerner Center. Lastly, we want to thank the Cazenovia Public Library & Museum for their generosity in sharing the storybook pages with us to bring this Storybook Walk to life!

On Saturday, October 3rd tie up your laces and head to the Hamilton Public Library and follow the green “Monday Mile” signs to read along with this classic picture-book story. Walk on your own time and pace between 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. 

Before starting your walk, please scan the QR Code located on the “Monday Mile” sign in front of the library. These little green signs help us track how many walkers enjoyed this Storybook Walk.  If you have any questions, call the Madison County Rural Health Council at (315) 313 – 4399. Please keep social distancing practices in mind and wear a mask when near others while on this Storybook Walk.

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