Introducing the LitLoot Box!

Monthly crates full of goodies are not new to anyone who has listened to a podcast the last few years. These little boxes offer everything from a hand-selected wardrobe to random boxes full of pop culture memorabilia, delivered weekly, monthly, or quarterly, but they’re pricey. And as always, you may be saying to yourself, “yeah, I know that, Travis, but what does this have to do with the Library?”

Well, because the Library is offering our very own monthly subscription boxes, starting this month! Of course ours will be different from those other cost-prohibitive-to-the-majority-of-the-population boxes in that they’re free! The only catch is that, for now, they’re limited to one key demographic – teens.

We’re calling it the LitLoot Box, and Hamilton Central School students ages 12 and up can sign up to receive curated boxes every month that include two library books (chosen specifically for each patron), a craft with all the supplies you’ll need to assemble it, prizes, and more! Each subscription runs for three months. Those interested to sign up can do so right here.

OH! I almost forgot to announce this, the Hamilton Public Library has a redesigned website!

<Okay, yes I realize you’re on this very website reading this blog, but this is originally published in the MidYork Weekly and, well, I just wanted to keep it in to thank Liza for the amazing work she did putting it together. Back to the column>

Still at, this revamped site features a more streamlined browsing experience, painstakingly assembled by our very own Assistant Director Liza Taylor! Check it out and tell us what you think! Thanks, Liza!

Back to this LitLoot box, once you fill out the form on our *new* website, you’ll be asked where you would like to pick up your box, either right here at the library or at the school. You can also sign up for LitLoot Boxes by scanning the flyer displayed at a number of locations throughout the Village, or, if you’re not internet savvy, just give us a call and we’ll figure it out! 

Thank you so much to Events Coordinator Diana Cassulis for coming up with this idea and to the Friends of the Library for sponsoring it! If you like this idea, or any idea the Friends sponsor (I talk about them in this column a LOT), feel free to donate to them! For more information on donating or becoming a member, just check out their page on our website – 

Thanks for reading and stay warm!

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