New Kid on the Block

Here’s the first thing I like about Elliot Townsend (we’ll get to that). He suggested a better headline than mine. Yeah, yeah, even though it was due for a punchup, he just took care of it. 

I just got an email from him, and he’s all “New Kid on the Block (I forgot your original title)” in the Subject, and I open my weekly column file to copy-and-paste his email and it’s all “Suggested Headline: Who’s the New Guy?” and I’m just saying, he’s already helping out around here a lot and I haven’t even gotten to why I’m talking about him yet. 

Now I know a few of you sleuths out there may have already figured it out, especially because he’s been working at the circ desk for over a week now, but we’re happy to announce Elliot Townsend as our newest Circulation Assistant! 

With all new people, I ask if they want to be featured in this  column, or… don’t ask them. I think I do. I at least mean to. Well, water under the bridge. Anyway, the body of Elliot’s email is intended for me to paraphrase, or if I’m really lazy just literally introduce and quote it directly, so that you, the reader, can get to know him. Since you already know my tricks, I’m going to go with paraphrasing this time to appear less lazy. 

Elliot graduated from Waterville High School in 2007 and immediately moved to New York City to study Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). After earning his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in 2011, he worked in art- and photography-related fields in The City for the last nine years. After a recent change in heart, he’s decided to move back to Central New York in hopes of rediscovering his roots.

In addition to photography, he recently developed a passion for drag, creating an alter ego in “Edie James.” The name is derived from gender-swapping his parents’ names, Edward and Jamie. To develop Edie’s persona he uses his photographic talents to do self portraiture and also performs sporadically on stages in NYC and CNY. For more information about Edie, be sure to ask Elliot about her when you visit the Library! Or don’t! Your call. 

As always, thanks for reading!

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