Still Thankful After All This Year

Today is Thanksgiving. Well, not the day I’m writing this, and perhaps not the day you’re reading this, but the publication date is Thanksgiving anyway. And in the spirit of this assumed holiday, it seems only fitting to explore the things that make me thankful as your Village Library Director.

First of all, I’m thankful to everyone. We all know that this has not been an easy year by any measure, but the community as a whole has been extremely supportive and proactive in its response to the Coronavirus. In the early days of the shutdown, local businesses stepped up, whether in adapting their services to include delivery and curbside pickup or shifting their operations completely to sew masks to protect each other. Residents were also quick to respond, socially distancing themselves from each other and learning to deal with the now-standard PPE. Months later and we rarely have to ask any patrons to adjust their masks, so thank you!

I am thankful to work with a staff that understands and reacts well to sweeping changes in our workflow, and for being brave enough to return to work amid uncertainties surrounding this pandemic. In particular, our Assistant Director Liza Taylor has been instrumental in keeping things running smoothly, reading and re-reading new policies and finding ‘rainy day’ projects for the staff to work on during slow times. Under her direction, the entire collection of more than 20,000 physical holdings has been inventoried, shifted, and in some cases, weeded, to allow for future growth.

I am also thankful to our Board of Trustees for putting in extra hours to help come up with a robust safety plan to protect our staff and patrons. In addition to their normal volunteer duties, they have gone above and beyond. Similarly, the Village administration have added to their list of duties as well, and hold weekly department head meetings which have improved communication between us immensely.

Finally, the Friends of the Library have continued their fundraising efforts, despite losing their ongoing book sale and Election Day bake sale. Thank you for their efforts in finding alternative ways to raise money for our library. 

I have always been honored to serve the community in this role, and this year is no exception. While you may not be celebrating this holiday in your traditional manner, your sacrifices are appreciated by all of us. Thank you so much for continuing to support us, and for doing your part to ensure the safety of your community. 

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