Wowbrary – Now More Important than Ever

Note: If you already subscribe to our Wowbrary newsletter and/or check it from our website/social media regularly, then skip this week’s column. If you don’t, then you might want to know about this service, which is far from new, but could be extremely helpful in a world where you don’t necessarily want to physically go to the library to see our new items but still want to put holds on them and/or check them out. 

Wowbrary is a service we subscribe to that sorts through all the items we add to our collection every week and automatically generates a user-friendly and visually appealing list of everything that’s new. These lists are generated every Wednesday and are available through a link on our homepage and through Facebook posts. Just click on those links for more information. If you like what you see,  you can even sign up to receive weekly emails instead of going through all the trouble of remembering what day the content refreshes, then navigating to our homepage and then looking for the Wowbrary link, which you may also forget the name of. To sign up for their weekly newsletter, all you have to do is go to Wowbrary, then look for “Sign up for a Wowbrary Newsletter” in the bottom-left side of the page.

We know that this does not replace in-person browsing, but it’s much safer, and it includes titles that are currently checked out! You can even search by item type (DVDs, Teen, Large Print, etc.) to browse your preferences. To put a hold on an item in Wowbrary, all you have to do is click on the item you’re interested in and then the word “borrow.” This takes you right to the MidYork catalog where you can place a hold. From there, our library staff will contact you when it is available for pickup in-house, curbside, or even schedule a contact-free delivery! 

Thanks for reading and for wearing your masks!

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