Up Dates, Down Dates

Well hello there! It’s been a couple weeks since we last updated, and as always, a lot has happened since then. Sure, we’ve been busy with our Summer Reading Program, which you can still register for until, well, the end of Summer, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. But you should definitely register for the Summer Reading Program if you 1) like reading, 2) like prizes, and/or 3) like programs. There’s lots of great stuff for folks of all ages, so stop on it!

There’s also a considerable amount of construction in our building, as in-patrons have undoubtedly realized, given the constant barrage of dill and hammer noises emanating from the floorboards. Either that, or patrons think we’re haunted by the Ghost of Construction Grants Past, which isn’t a thing. Sorry, by the way, for any disruption this has caused. Just take comfort in the fact that while it’s noisy now, it will be a much more habitable and efficient environment by the end of the Summer. But I’m not here to talk about the Summer Reading Program or our Construction project, as it seems there’s still the lingering pandemic to worry about! 

First and foremost, yes, we’re still requiring masks to be worn in our building. Please remember to bring your own, but if you forget, we have disposable masks at each entrance. I have received mixed feedback from patrons on our continued masking requirement, but this is a decision that was made along with our Board of Trustees. While a bit annoying, it does ensure that all of our residents can feel comfortable in our facility. Coming to this decision was not easy, and I appreciate all feedback on either side. So for now, please keep those masks on! They won’t last forever and we’re as excited to ditch them as anyone, I PROMISE. 

We are slowly returning to normal – our bathrooms are now fully open, programs are slowly rolling out, outside groups have resumed meeting in our Community Room, and toys and gaming consoles are available to use again, to name a few updates. 

Thank you for reading and for visiting us with your mask on!

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