In With the New and Out With the… Slightly Less… New?

Title: In With the New and Out With the… Less… New?

Please join the Hamilton Public Library in welcoming our newest staff member, Ania Ksiezyc!

Ania is relatively new to the area, having recently moved here from out of state. When not at work, she lives with mindful consciousness, best exemplified in her love of the outdoors and through her yoga practice. Ania enjoys meeting new people and is sure to welcome them with a smile. Make sure you say ‘hello’ to Ania if you see her working at the circulation desk!

In similar but completely different news, we’re also hiring for a part-time staff member… again! I know what you’re thinking, even in the context of this singular column it miiiiight seem like we have a high rate of turnover for such a small staff. If it makes you feel any better, our previous vacancy was due to a retirement, and this upcoming vacancy is due to one of our newest staff members, Michael Goe, moving out of state.

I want to thank Michael for everything he’s done during his short time with HPL. In addition to being a quick-learning, patient, and helpful Circulation Assistant, he has regularly helped out with our after school program and displayed his portraits in our gallery.

So be sure to stop in and welcome Ania, wish Michael a fond farewell, ask about our job opening*, or just come in and check out some books, movies, video games, robots, museum passes, browse our used books for sale, attend a program, use a computer, print, fax, and so much more!

*If you don’t want to come in and ask about our job opening, you can just apply by sending a resume, cover letter, and three professional references to! More information about this position can be found on our website, We are looking for someone who is customer-service oriented, knowledgeable with computers, can multitask, and pays attention to details.

As always, thank you for reading!

Connect with/complain to Travis Olivera at the Hamilton Public Library by phone at (315) 824-3060 or by email at, or in person at the library.

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